Looking forward to coming together as a community on June 8, 2025 to celebrate Jewish art, music, culture. We stand with Israel.


More than 200 volunteers help us on the day of the Festival, selling pop and t-shirts and staffing cashier and information booths.  While producing the Festival takes a tremendous amount of work during the months leading up to the big day, we could not physically run the various activities without the help of these volunteers.  Be part of the Festival Team and wear your Festival Volunteer T-Shirt with pride!

Apply online or print the application form and mail or email it to us.  If you have any questions regarding volunteering, please call 847-933-3000 or email us at Volunteers@JewishFestival.org

The Festival is produced by the Jewish Production Organization for Cultural Events and Theater (P.O.C.E.T.). The Jewish P.O.C.E.T. is run by an all-volunteer Steering Committee which consists of professionals in the fields of art, music, theater, dance, radio, television, communications, community relations, education, engineering, finance and technology.  If you would like to be part of the Steering Committee that works over the months to plan and produce the Festival, give us a call at 847-933-3000.

Festival Steering Committee

Festival 2016 Steering Committee

Josh Ackerman

Laurie Azriel

Andrea Backman

Brian Backman

Naomi Bayer

Deidre Berkowitz

Nina Black

Micah Brandhandler

Shira Brandhandler

Penny Brichta

Jared Brody

Leslie Brody

Greg Cibura

Ben Crane

Bruce Crane

Helene Davitz

Rob Dicker

Judy Director

Don Drucker

Lisa Drucker

Ross Drucker

Steffi Drucker

Alyssa Dryver

Howard Dryver

Dina Dubrow

Ethel Fenig

Cindy Franklin

Steve Franklin

Louis Freeman

Lisa Friedland

Steve Friedland

Tracy Friend

Anita Gelbart

Benjamin Gershon

Danielle Gershon

Mark Gershon

Richard Gershon

Batya Gilbert

Marla Goldberg

Rich Goldberg

Lynne Goldman

Judi Goode

Steve Goode

Jammie Hammond

Lynn Hazan

Michael Heimlich

Paulette Herbstman

Lizzi Heydemann

Emily Kaplan

Jackson Kaplan

Ray Kaplan

Amy Karatz

Julie Katz

Rob Klegon

Debbie Krupp

Joe Lachman

Ellie Lapidus

Simon Lapidus

E.J. Levine

Jerry Lidsky

Aaron Lipsett

Sari Lipsett

Sally Lipson

Michael Lorge

Susie Lorge

Tracy Madansky

Julie Marder

Iris Marreck

Larry Moss

Phil Moss

Susan Moss

Gale Nudelman

Mike Passman

Janet Pierce Ritter 

Patti Ray

Stuart Rosenberg

Don Rossoff

Laura Roth

Neal Sabin

Benji Sagarin

Robbie Schreiber

Karen Schur

Paul Schur

Ilana Shure

Rafi Shure

Jeremy Seaver

Helene Shapiro

Jacob Shapiro

Joel Shapiro

Laurie Shapiro

Mick Siegel

Randy Silver

Debbie Silverman

Cindy Stern

Mickey Svarc

Roslyn Tayne

Chuck Trefz

Debbie Trefz

Ellie Trefz

David Valentine

Joy Wasserman

Michael Weinberg

Rob Weinberg

Sarah Weinberg

Dawn Weiner-Kaplow

Eitan Weiner-Kaplow

Virginia Weiskopf

Jim Weiskopf

Tali Zerzion