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Find All of the Pomegranates in the
Interactive Sculpture Gardens


Why A Pomegranate?

Seeking an Abundance of Joy and Peace

Dreams of pomegranates are a sign of wisdom and good deeds.
- Talmud Brachot 57a

As we thought about this Festival we searched, as we often do, for something new to embellish your experience. The musical part of the Festival has become interactive with the community sing, Israel solidarity ceremony and community folk dancing, so we focused on making ART at the Festival INTERACTIVE. In additon to our wonderful juried Art Fair, we want you to experience and react t the art created in our own community just for this day.

Sponsored by SB Wolf Family Foundation


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Town Square: Where Lots Is Happening:

Films run on the hour and half-hour, from 11:00 a.m. - 3:30 pm

Erez Tadmor and Guy Nattiv’s Dear God, starring Lior Ashkenazi and Raymond Amsallem — 13 min. In this sweet, romantic homage to Jerusalem and to love, a security guard at the Western Wall watches a beautiful woman leaving notes between the stones. Taking the idea of doing God’s work to heart, he decides to read her notes and fulfill her wishes.

Clip from Ofer Naim’s Voice of Jerusalem, featuring Israeli film great Yehoram Gaon. — 5 min. Thirty-six years after the movie “I AM A JERUSALEMITE”, Yehoram Gaon, who made that movie and is associated with Jerusalem more than anyone else, sets off to find the Jerusalem he left behind.

A sneak preview of the 2016 Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema offerings
— 8 min.

presented by Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema

Sponsored by Chicago Jewish News


An Interactive Dramatic Experience

Five famous individuals important to the establishment of the State of Israel are on the grounds of the Festival today. Take the time to find them and interact with them. The performers playing these roles will remain in character as you ask them questions. Listen to them as they tell you about their life experiences and their love of Israel.

Theodor Herzl (played by Sean Ewert) lived from 1860 to 1904 and is considered the"father of Zionism". His dream of a national homeland for the Jewish people became reality with the creation of the State of Israel in 1948.

Hannah Senesh (played by Jessica Kadish) was born in Hungary in 1921 and an early Zionist. She emigrated and worked to establish the Jewish state and is recognized as a national heroine of Israel and a significant poet in Jewish literature.

David Ben-Gurion (played by Jamey McDunn) was born in 1886 and a Zionist at an early age. He was instrumental in the establishment of the State of Israel and served as the country's first Prime Minister. His love of the Negev desert is legendary as he focused Israel on reclaiming the desert for agriculture.

Golda Meir (played by Barbara Berndt) was raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin until she immigrated to Israel in 1921. She was one of two women to sign the Israeli Declaration of Independence on May 14, 1948 and elected Prime Minster of Israel in 1969.

Teddy Kolleck (played by Brian Parry) was named after Theodor Herzl and grew up in Vienna, Austria with strong Zionist convictions. In 1935 his family immigrated to Israel where he became a friend of David Ben-Gurion. In 1965 he was elected mayor of Jerusalem and served until 1992. His love of Jerusalem was legendary and he had the vision to link modern Jerusalem with the Old City.

Sponsored by the Maurice S. Surlow Memorial Fund of the Jewish
Community Foundation

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Bulls/Sox Academy

Noon-3pm various hitting and throwing drills and activities (but no formal clinic)

Former White Sox Player Appearance:  Dan Pasqua (OF-INF-DH ’88-94) 
Noon(~45 minutes appearance)

 White Sox mascot, SouthPaw ~2:15pm 
(~45 minutes appearance)